Different Types Of Gold Investment, Which One To Consider

Gold Investments are believed to be one of the most secure ways of investing your wealth. This form of investment has existed for a long time now. But the form of gold investments has got some addition and now gold investing is possible not only in physical form but also in the digital form.

So Gold Investments is mainly of two types:

  • Physical Gold Investing
  • Digital Gold Investing

So now we will discuss the pros and cons of both the physical as well as digital way of gold investments.

Physical Gold Investing

The oldest form of gold investments is still prevalent in every household. These are bought in the form of men and women jewelry of different types and so.

Here are its pros

  • You get a physical certificate of it after buying.
  • You get the feel of having some high value material.
  • Can be used to wear if bought in the form of jewelry.
  • Can be stored in the locker of the bank.
  • It can be deposited as security money for loans too.

And these are the cons

  • Risk of getting stolen if kept inside the house.
  • Needs time to cashout and cannot be done instantly.
  • Cannot keep a huge amount of physical gold into your homes, it’s against the law.

Digital Gold Investing

This form of gold is also called virtual gold as actuall you do not get to touch or feel it. This is the new form of gold and was introduced a few years back.

Pros of digital gold investing

  • Can be bought at an instant.
  • No need for paperwork to be done in this case.
  • You do not need any bank locker or home safe to keep it as it is stored in a digital locker for free of cost.
  • Can be cashed out at any moment.

And the cons are

  • You do not get the feeling of owning something physical.
  • You have to rely on the security of third party where your gold is stored.
  • Can not be used in any way.


Gold investment is overall said to be a safer option of investing your money, but it takes time to give high returns. You can today choose any form of gold you want to invest in but in my personal opinion for investment purposes digital gold fits ahead as compared to the physical ones. As I see digital gold as more secure and convenient.

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